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Probiotics don't cure Candida or SIBO

One of the most common mistakes I see in my practice is people taking probiotic supplements and consuming foods like kombucha and kefir for candida overgrowth or bacterial overgrowth (dysbiosis). . Although this is not usually doing too much harm, it’s typically a waste of money. . Candida and bacterial overgrowth is never likely to get permanently better by using probiotics alone. In order for the beneficial bacteria to survive there has to be an eradication of the undesirable microbes BEFORE administering 'friendly' bacteria in the form of supplements or foods. . My client Chris came to me with Candida overgrowth and SIBO confirmed via a stool test, organic acids test and breath test. . He had just finished a 12 course of oregano, garlic and probiotics on the recommendation of a herbalist practitioner, which did absolutely nothing for his yeast and bacterial overgrowth. In fact he felt worse than he did before he started..

My protocol first addressed his adrenals. The DUTCH test revealed he was metabolising all his cortisol into cortisone. Some adrenal glandulars and licorice made him feel 75% better overnight (not kidding)! . Once hormones were balanced we removed his Candida and SIBO using multicomplex antimicrobials and biofilm disruptors. . Once we’d removed MOST of the candida & SIBO we were able repopulate his small intestine with L. acidophilus. . I ran a GI Map test just before we introduced a multi strain probiotic. ALL markers for yeast, parasites, viruses and pathogenic bacteria came back negative and his beneficial bacteria were still in a healthy range.

I'm happy to report that Chris is going from strength to strength and he's now enjoying high FODMAP foods like beans and onions once again.

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