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Is your bloating caused by mould?

I shared my knowledge of mould related sickness in this episode of the Natural Health Podcast.

"In this episode we discuss all things mould and your digestive health. This is a mind blowing episode and is perfect for anyone who has ever been bloated or had any digestive issues. Alex explains the link between your digestive health and exposure to mould, who would have thought that if you are exposed to mould that this exposure may affect your digestive system. Alex works as a naturopathic nutritional practitioner and focuses on identifying the underlying root causes of what has created someone’s symptoms. He has worked with numerous chronically ill patients and helped to solve many mystery illnesses through his root cause approach to healing. After listening to this episode you will be educated on what mould is, the not so spoken signs and symptoms linked to mould, what to do if you are exposed to mould, we even go on and speak about the link between EMFs and mould. This is an episode you will not forget and take away so much knowledge and sustainable health hacks you can implement in your everyday life for optimal health."

If you suspect that you have been exposed to mould that is making you ill, please consider running a mycotoxins urine test or get in touch for more information about how I can help.

Social Media Instagram: @conscious_nutrition_uk


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