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Sleep Disorders

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Sleep is one of the four pillars of good health (nutrition, physical activity and stress management being the other three). When sleep suffers so does the health of the individual. My work is always focused on returning balance to the body and this includes restoring healthy sleep patterns.


Sleep can be influenced by numerous things including:

  • Genetics

  • Diet

  • Environment

  • Neurotransmitters

  • Mineral balance

  • Immune health

  • Hormones

  • Gut health

  • Nutrient status

  • Psychological Stress

  • Physical trauma

As you can see, there are many things that can affect one’s sleep. Sometimes a simple change can make the biggest difference. For example, restoring nutritional deficiencies like magnesium can be a game-changer for some individuals.


After the most obvious things have been addressed, it is sometimes helpful to use functional testing like organic acids, a hair minerals test, an adrenal stress test, or a blood panel to uncover hidden problems that may be contributing to poor sleep.

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Sleep Disorders

Stress Fatigue & Anxiety

When most people think of stress they instinctively think of psychological stress, i.e., arguments, rage, anger, fear.

There are in fact three main types of stress that can be categorised as follows:

  1. Psychological (e.g., emotional trauma unresolved or ongoing)

  2. Physical (e.g., an injury or ongoing pain)

  3. Physiological (The stress can be coming from the internal or external environment, e.g., the yeast overgrowth that has been present in someone’s gut for many years or the mould and biotoxins in someone’s home or workspace.

Long-term stress leads to downregulation of thyroid hormones, and sex hormones like testosterone or progesterone as well as adrenal hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Stress also has a negative effect on the nervous system, making it difficult to enter the ‘parasympathetic mode’ (rest & digest). These imbalances lead to numerous symptoms, some people refer to this is ‘adrenal fatigue’ which is technically not correct (it should be known as adrenal imbalance or HPA axis dysfunction but that never sounds quite as catchy).

Disturbances in digestion, energy, and mood always follow a period of chronic stress due to the powerful effect that the adrenal axis has on the various body systems.


When assessing an individual for stress-based disorders, I will consider the adrenal hormones, as well as mineral imbalances as these two areas, will highlight the extent of the stress disorder and how best to rebalance the individual’s health.

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Stress Fatigue and Anxiety

Corporate Wellness

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Corporate wellness should be at the forefront of any forward-thinking business model. The biggest asset of most businesses is their employees. Recognition and appreciation are known as one of the key motivational factors in the workplace.

Our modern lifestyle now typically spends more time at work with colleagues than with friends, family and loved ones. This makes it extremely important to create a happy and healthy work environment.

Workplace wellness may improve your company and employees by:

  • Reducing absenteeism

  • Increasing performance

  • Creating a work environment in which to thrive in

  • Empowering and valuing employees

  • Providing a community with a sense of belonging

  • Increasing workplace morale

  • Happier and a healthier workforce

  • Stress coping and improving mental health

I have experience in providing workshops based on nutrition and/or lifestyle medicine topics including mental health, sleep, stress, energy, digestion / gut heath and food choices.

I also provide 1-1 health consultations, testing and nutrition & lifestyle recommendations.

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Corporate Wellness

Health Screening/Optimisation

Nutrient balance is the key to optimal health and wellbeing.


The 74 trillion cells that make up the human body rely on the continual supply of nutrients in the correct balance. You cannot rely on a ‘healthy diet’ and popping a multivitamin to guarantee health. Inevitably things can go wrong. Daily stressors, unavoidable injuries, unforeseen infections, epigenetics, poor food quality, environmental toxicities can all take their toll and lead to the chronic health conditions we see in modern society.

Cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease were rarely seen as little as 100 years ago. The advancement of medicine has been a revelation in terms of curtailing infectious disease with the use of antibiotics but has made little progress in halting chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. These ‘lifestyle diseases’ are mostly avoidable if one understands the underlying root cause imbalances that create them in the first place.

I am blessed to have sophisticated functional lab tests at my disposal which can uncover these ‘root causes’.


It is simply not enough to order a basic blood panel and be told by your doctor that your results are ‘normal’. In medicine, the word ‘normal’ means ‘common’. Optimal health is not ‘common’. By the time blood markers are out of range, the disease has already set in and is much harder to reverse. By using advanced tests like Organic Acids, Minerals Tests, and Small Intestine Microbiota testing it is possible to reveal the imbalances (toxicities and deficiencies) that create disease. Symptoms are the body’s way of expressing an imbalance and once these are corrected, the symptoms will subside.

Please enquire if you are interested in optimising your health so I can advise of the best approach for you.

Health Screening/Optimisation
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