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alex georgiou conscious nutrition

My Approach

I don't believe in following the herd and jumping on the bandwagon with the latest 'superfood' or fad diet.

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to take back your health through guided nutrition and lifestyle advice. We are not designed to exist in a state of poor health, our bodies are constantly trying to rebalance us into a state of 'homeostasis'. By giving the body the right nutrients and tools it needs, 'homeostasis' and ultimately wellness can be achieved. I take a no-nonsense approach to nutritional therapy, I don't believe in following the herd and jumping on the bandwagon with the latest 'superfood' or fad diet. I treat every client as an individual and assess every factor in their diet and lifestyle that may be influencing their state of health. 

Healthy Eating

I can assure you I am not the kind of nutritionist to cast judgment over someone's diet and lifestyle.


Poor diet choices are normally due to misinformation and confusion brought about through clever marketing, hearsay, and mainstream media. We are all individuals with our own unique genetic code and biochemical differences. As well as your diet, your current health challenges, lifestyle, environment, and emotions also contribute to your individual health picture.

So much more than just 'healthy eating'

​Nutritional Therapy is about much more than healthy eating and taking a multivitamin supplement. It is a healthcare system that explores ways of balancing a person's nutrition in order to achieve optimal wellness.


Whilst a nutrient-dense, optimally balanced diet is the basis, there are many other factors to consider.

My approach to nutrition is to use sophisticated functional testing whenever possible because most of the time, guessing doesn’t work.

When it's too early to cook dinner and y

I am amazed at how many practitioners in my industry rely on guesswork


The human body is the most complex machine on earth, a machine composed of 74 trillion cells, and things inevitably go wrong sometimes! For every symptom, there are dozens of potential causes. When things do go wrong, it is important to have an idea of the origin.

The majority of my clients will complete an Organic Acids test (more details here) early on in the treatment plan. Whilst this represents a small upfront cost, it always works out cheaper in the long run and typically saves people many months of following incorrect protocols and wasted money on inappropriate supplements. I am inundated with individuals who come to me after completing failed protocols with other practitioners with no favorable change or even a worsening of symptoms.​

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge

My approach acknowledges the naturopathic philosophy that the body is self-healing, but only once the obstacles have been removed and the deficiencies have been replaced. I always look at the underlying root cause of what’s created the set of symptoms. Trying to heal Candida/SIBO/IBS or any other 'dis-ease' before basic metabolic systems have been addressed is almost always likely to be unsuccessful as these 'dis-eases' are merely symptoms of a deeper underlying root cause. 

Please get in touch for a FREE 15 minute discovery call

As incredible as nutritional therapy can be, on occasion I may refer clients to practitioners of other modalities to enhance the treatment outcome and provide added benefit in the healing journey. One of the most important aspects of healing is to maintain a sufficient flow of oxygen delivery throughout the body. Structural imbalances and poor posture can affect the nervous system leading to improper breathing which can result in a chronic state of low oxygen. The 74 trillion cells that make up the human body need oxygen to to make energy. Without this key component you have a dysfunctional cell, then you have dysfunctional tissues, dysfunctional organs, organ systems and organism. 

Low oxygen = low energy = poor healing.

I refer out to two excellent therapists specialising in Craniosacral Therapy ( Matthew Brownell ) and Osteopathy (Ed Madeley) based in Manchester.

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