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"I had been suffering with stomach issues for a couple of years before I found Alex while doing some research online, I hadn't had much success with doctors or any of the 'cures' I found online. It is the best money I have invested in searching for a treatment, I just wish I found out sooner rather wasting my money on 'miracle' cures that are sold online. I would recommend any tests (I did OAT and Adrenal Stress Test) that Alex suggests as it's easier and quicker to build a supplement plan around what you need! This new info has enabled me to be more aware of my health before problems arise and I have now stopped taking Omeprazole for my acid reflux for the first time in nine years!"

Alex D

"In the short time I have worked with Alex, he has resolved my issues with sleep, improved my cognition and calmed my stomach issues with SIBO. After two years of endless tests and appointments with gastro doctors, I wish I'd have came to Alex sooner for help. The results speak for themselves, thank you Alex!"

James MacInnes

"Fantastic experience. After a full extensive review of my tests, Alex put me on a diet plan, which was still surprisingly quite open with what I could eat. After 2 and a half weeks of my new diet plan, I’ve stopped breaking out in rashes and my skin feels less dry and I’m putting cream on far less frequent. I’ve felt like I’ve had more energy and had a clearer head. 100% recommend Alex to anyone who’s looking at taking back control of their body and feeling like a new person!"

Mathieu Everson

"Alex has been genuinely life-changing (and I don't say that lightly).

I was suffering with anxiety, eczema and bloating for a year before I decided to have a consolation with Alex. We discussed my symptoms and how they could be possibly be related to my diet. We did a test and a diet restructure program with supplements and I experienced instantaneous results. 50% of my symptoms went after the first month.

A year on I am now pleased to say I've fully recovered, and learned a lot about myself, as well as diet and nutrition.

Thanks Alex"

Ed Madeley

"Alex has been very helpful addressing my health issues relating to under active thyroid and Hashimotos.. I have been able to find my trigger foods whilst also improving my fatigue, and brain fog. After almost 3 years of gaining weight I have finally begun to lose weight avoiding certain food groups. Its been a roller coaster ride but certainly worthwhile working with Alex who is very knowledgeable and keen to improve his clients wellbeing."

C Griffiths

"I had a great experience meeting Alexander, he is very professional and made a diet specific to my needs, I wasn't looking to loose weight but I really wanted to understand me a little bit more, He asked me lots of questions about my health, eating and exercise habits to understand my system, I can not deny it was difficult as I travel constantly but when I got the fist chance I took it and follow his advice, It was great to learn that I am not intolerant to some things that I been eating all my life but is about how my body is reacting towards the pesticides and processed foods, meaning that I can still eating what I love!  but I have to be careful choosing the quality of food I am putting in. I am very happy with the results".  


"I feel  very healthy and  I am more aware what is good or what is not for me.

Super recommended"

Gaby Moncada

"I really feel so much better already and also the underlying constant itch has gone to just from the no sugar and diet changes.


Doctors don’t really understand this Nodular Prurigo so just give steroids and it doesn’t seem to get any better. You are the first person I’ve seen that made sense and has made a difference without steroids. I was on a call today and one of my colleagues suck my skin looked gorgeous (face). Absolutely amazing!!


You also picked up things that I had in blood tests that my GP didn’t. I am already noticing a difference, highly recommend Alex."

Jane Myers

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