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With this simple yet highly effective Organic Acids Test (consultation not included)

Organic Acids Test (OAT Test)

  • 'Genova Diagnostics' Organic Acids Test (OAT) measures a variety of organic acids excreted in urine to provide a comprehensive overview of your overall health.


    The OAT is the single most useful test currently available and can save a significant amount of time and money on wasted supplements and extra consultations.


    Assesment of metabolic markers provides important insight into areas in the body that need support, as well as obstacles that may be preventing someone from living in optimal health. 


    About the Organix test


    The organix  report categorises results into several metabolic areas. 


    Personalized Results Overview and Nutrient Need Overview


    Functional Imbalance Scores in areas of methylation, toxic exposure, mitochondrial dysfunction, fatty acid imbalances, and oxidative stress


    Nutrient Need Overview with recommendations for antioxidants, B-vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, GI support, and amino acids


    Interpretation-At-A-Glance pages provide nutritional educational support for you and your patient highlighting the function of each nutrient, cause of deficiency, complications of deficiency and food sources of the nutrient.


    Organic Acids (urine)


    Malabsorption and Bacterial/ Yeast Dysbiosis Markers are metabolites produced by the gastrointestinal microbiome


    Cellular Energy & Mitochondrial Metabolites are biomarkers of carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism, and the citric acid (Kreb’s) cycle


    Neurotransmitter Metabolites are downstream byproducts of epinephrine, norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine


    Vitamin Markers are specific analytes used to assess functional levels of vitamin cofactors


    Toxin & Detoxification Markers relate to certain toxic metabolites and the body’s detoxification capacity


    Oxalate Markers relate to kidney stone formation, oxidative stress and metabolic dysfunction


    Oxidative Stress Markers include antioxidants glutathione (whole blood) and Coenzyme Q10 (serum), as well as the oxidative damage markers lipid peroxides and 8-OHdG (urine)


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