With this simple yet highly effective Organic Acids Test. 60 minute consultation with interpretation of results and nutriton plan included. 

OAT test with 60 minute Consultation via Zoom/Phone

  • The Great Plains Laboratory Organic Acids Test (OAT) measures a variety of organic acids excreted in urine to provide a comprehensive overview of your overall health.

    The OAT is the single most useful test currently available and can save a patient a huge amount of time and money in the long run on wasted supplements and extra consultations.

    By assessing someone's metabolic markers, it allows me to see which imbalances may have initiated the disease. It also provides important information about areas in the body that need support, as well as obstacles that may be preventing someone from regaining their health. By rebalancing metabolic systems and removing obstacles, the body then has a fair chance to restore itself back to optimal health. 

    Go to https://www.conscious-nutrition.co.uk/organic-acids-test for more detailed information about the test,  


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