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I am going to share my video and easy recipe to make homemade sauerkraut. 

Sauerkraut is high in nutrients due to the fermentation process. Fermentation is the process of microorganisms on the cabbage digesting the natural sugars present and converting them into carbon dioxide and organic acids. This process takes around 4 weeks but the actual preparation only takes 20 mins and costs less than a pound!

Sauerkraut fermentation creates conditions t...

I'm sure you're thinking "how on earth can a dessert modulate oestrogen"? I know it's an odd title but it does what it says on the tin! The main ingredient (Pomegranate) contains phytoestrogens which display weak oestrogenic activity when ingested but have a positive effect on balancing oestrogen levels in both women and men. 

Traditionally, the pomegranate has been renowned for being one of the most powerful elixirs for women’s health, hor...

Recipe for raw mango and matcha cheesecake. Vegan/refined sugar free

I came up with this summery dinner concoction on a recent warm summer's evening, after inspiration on an Instagram post about artichokes. I always forget how good artichokes taste, but not only that they offer excellent health benefits for the liver and digestive system. One of the best known benefits is artichoke's ability to stimulate the production of bile which aids in digestion and the elimination of toxins. 

This is a quick,...

Banana Bread (vegan, gluten free) 

I have adapted this recipe several times and this is the final result, a moist, delicious banana bread which is suitable for vegans or those on a gluten free diet. It can be frozen although it never lasts that long in my house! It's great sliced and served as is or it can be toasted and spread with a topping of your choice.


3tbsp ground flaxseeds mixed into 7.5 tbsp water left for 10 mins

50g olive oil...

I created this recipe out of a necessity to use up some hazelnuts that had been lying around for months and were about to pass their 'best before' date. Obviously chocolate and hazelnuts are a match made in heaven but not often a combination seen in a muffin so I thought I'd experiment and see how they'd turn out. I have to say I was pleased with the outcome especially after the first attempt. They are incredibly easy to make, plus they are glu...

As much as I love the taste of traditional pesto, the shop bought version is usually full of unhealthy refined oils and any health benefits from the basil have undoubtedly been lost in the processing and storage. This version is dairy free and full of healthy fats, protein and zinc from the pumpkin seed butter and anchovies. 


  • 3 tbsp capers

  • 1 tin of anchovies finely chopped

  • 4 garlic cloves finely chopped or...

I created this when I was stuck for something healthy to prepare for dinner recently. It turned out much better than expected. It's my healthy take on Paella, without the starchy white rice. Instead quinoa is used which is high in protein and contains all 9 essential amino acids. 

Ingredients - Serves 2

Coconut Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil

150g dry quinoa rinsed

300ml chicken or other stock

1 aubergine

1 red pepper

250g King Prawns



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