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One of the most common issues I see in clinical practice is recurring Candida overgrowth or gut dysbiosis/IBS.
Most clinicians will run a stool test if a patient is presenting with digestive health symptoms. Sometimes they will just run a stool test because they don’t know where else to start. Whilst this can be a useful insight into someone’s gut microbes, it’s not necessarily going to be helpful in guiding treatment and ultimately help the...

Before I begin his article, I want to admit that I was slightly hesitant to write about this topic as I know it divides people’s opinions. I don’t seek to be controversial or knock other people down but in the name of health, I feel it’s only right to set the record straight on certain nutrition facts. It’s slightly cringeworthy when I see social media posts about how certain diets can cause or cure x, y or z disease.  


One of the most common mistakes I see in my practice is people taking probiotic supplements and consuming foods like kombucha and kefir for candida overgrowth or bacterial overgrowth (dysbiosis).
Although this is not usually doing too much harm, it’s typically a waste of money.
Candida and bacterial overgrowth is never likely to get permanently better by using probiotics alone. In order for the beneficial bacteria to survive there has to be...

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I recently wrote an article about pros and cons of 'Intermittent Fasting' which has just been published in Thrive Magazine. For the full magazine and a higher resolution copy please visit

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What is a healthy diet?

We are constantly bombarded with media stories relating to the latest fad diets that promise instant weight loss, or the new super food with claims of increased energy and youthfulness. It's no wonder people are left feeling confused and disappointed and why in most cases they admit defeat and go back to their old eating habits.

Many people think they are eating a healthy diet. Most...

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