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Nutritionist Services – Nutritional Therapy Services

IBS - Digestive Problems - SIBO
Altrincham – Cheshire - Hale


 WA15 - WA14 - M1 - M2 - M3

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Clinics and fees

I offer a FREE 10 minute health assessment over the phone, which you can book by calling me on 0161 706 0389.  Alternatively, please email me and I will call you back. This can be used as way of assessing whether nutritional therapy is the right therapy for your health goals. 

Clinic Locations


The Space Manchester
Manchester Royal Exchange
St Ann’s Square
M2 7PE

Hale Altrincham

Precious Health, First Floor, Progress House
17 Cecil Road
WA15 9NZ

Skype / Telephone

This can be arranged if you are unable to meet face to face.

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How My Pricing Works

My pricing is structured so you can pick and choose what suits you in your treatment plan. I charge in blocks of 3 hours which is on average the minimum time needed to reach your health goals. This gives you the freedom to have a 30 minute consultation on the phone, send emails asking for advice or have a follow-up in the clinic/phone/Skype.

Yes or no email questions are not charged as they can be answered in a few minutes. Longer answers or phone calls can be deducted from your clinic credit. 


When your credit is running low, we shall send you a reminder to give you the option of renewing the credit.



Initial consultation £120 (60 mins)

Follow-Up consultation £70 (45 mins)

Clinic package - 3 hours of clinic credit - £300. This can be used towards the initial consultation as well as follow-up and phone/email support